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Nottingham’s Ultimate Halloween Destination

Nottingham’s Ultimate Halloween Destination 1920 1301 Mellors Group Events

Be prepared for the scariest Halloween Nottingham has ever seen as Old Market Scare, brought to the city by the Mellors Group in partnership with Nottingham City Council, returns to…

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Winter Wonderland Is Coming to Newcastle

Winter Wonderland Is Coming to Newcastle 1920 1080 Mellors Group Events

Ambitious plans to make Newcastle a world-class shopping and leisure destination have taken a step forward as Newcastle City Council has announced a new operator to run the city’s Christmas…

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PLAYA DAY CLUB 1920 1280 Mellors Group Events

A brand new experience awaits the people of Nottingham and visitors to the city this summer in the shape of a luxury beach club – the Playa Day Club and…

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Exciting Developments for Fantasy Island

Exciting Developments for Fantasy Island 1023 684 Mellors Group Events

Following the company’s purchase in March 2016 by Mellors Group, Fantasy Island Holdings Ltd has had three successful seasons and is looking forward to opening its doors to visitors in…

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