Mellors Group Brings Back Fun For The Kids

Mellors Group Brings Back Fun For The Kids

Mellors Group Brings Back Fun For The Kids 1920 1080 Mellors Group Events

On Wednesday, August 11, 200 underprivileged children from around the Nottingham area were invited to Fantasy Island.

Owners of the theme park and Nottingham based company, Mellors Group, partnered with children’s charity, The Toy Library, to bring together the local kids and gift them a free day out to the theme park, in the hopes to raise community spirits following the cancellation of last month’s popular Nottingham Beach event.

The generous initiative featured a chauffeured coach ride for the 200 local children, which were filled with sweet treats and juices for them to enjoy, as well as a free meal and drink at Fantasy Island.

Sarah, one of the children who visited said: “Today has been amazing! My favourite part of the day was making new friends and getting to go on all the tall and fast rides at Fantasy Island.”

With over 30 outdoor and indoor rides at Fantasy Island, the day has created memories galore for the group of little ones. The children also got to catch a glimpse of the seaside, which is a stone throw away from Fantasy Island, something many of the children had never seen before.

Speaking of the charitable day out, James Mellors Senior, Owner of Mellors Group, said: “As our annual Nottingham Beach event was sadly cancelled last month, it was great to bring residents from the area to the seaside.

“As a family-run entertainment company, our biggest motivator is bringing happiness to children’s faces and providing them with amazing memories, but we understand this isn’t easy for families from less fortunate areas, so we wanted to gift them with a special day.

“I was honoured to meet all the visitors before they departed to Fantasy Island, and I personally stocked the coaches up with treats to make the journey even more enjoyable!”

Nottingham based charity, The Toy Library, believes that every child benefits from belonging to a family and every family benefits from belonging to a community. The charities’ main purpose is to work alongside and support children, families, and communities to develop, grow and thrive together through play.