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Observation Wheels

The observation wheel has a height of 60m yet occupies a mere 24m by 21m footprint plus generator.
There are 40 gondolas accommodating 238 passengers in total, 39 seating up to 6 passengers and one VIP gondola seating 4 passengers.
There is also a gondola with disabled access.
A two cycle trip on the wheel lasts 13 minutes.
Our wheels have a multi channel audio system for commentary, music and promotional messages.
The wheel offers significant internal and external branding opportunities.
Our wheels have a quick install time of just 7-10 days considerably less than most wheels.
The built in hydraulic winch system means no large cranes are required.
The wheel is transported on just 10 trailers.
  • Liverpool One Wheel
  • Torquay Wheel
  • The Olympic Wheel
    Victoria Park
  • Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Wheel
    Hyde Park
  • Cabot Circus Bristol Wheel
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    St. Helier (Jersey)
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    Hyde Park 2013
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    Wheel with Starflyer 2013
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    Hyde Park 2013
Drone video filmed and produced by RPS Drone Services: CAA APPROVED PFCO

The Wheel of Nottingham returns to Nottingham: 8th Feb - 24th Feb 2019. CLICK IMAGE FOR WEBSITE LINK TO BOOK!

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The Wheel of Nottingham

Our 60m observation wheel is specially built for the corporate market, and operates in prime city centre locations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. These include Liverpool One Shopping Centre for Grosvenor Estates, Bristol, Nottingham, Cardiff, Windsor, Chester, Derby, Torquay, St Helier, and Geneva.

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